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Developing a logistics mall app

This article describes how to develop a logistics mall app as an independent software vendor (ISV) and how to integrate the app with the logistics mall process designer (LPD).

This scenario is an “app scenario”. For an overview of all scenarios, please see “Integration scenarios”.

Additional information


Before the development it is recommended to

  • download the application framework
  • read the app developer guide

Development at a glance

An app implements the same interfaces as described in the software as a service scenario and the application integration scenario.


The steps of development are:

  • Specifying the input/output BOD
  • Implementing the interface to the BO instance repository
  • Defining the app’s taxonomy
  • Testing the app against the Developer VM
  • Writing a product description
  • Uploading the app into the app repository

Input/output BOD

The application integration scenario describes how to connect an application to the logistics mall BUS. The logistics mall implements the same interface, however, it only defines exactly one relation for the receipt of a BOD type (input BOD) and another relation for sending a type of BOD (output BOD).

This is necessary to integrate the app with the LPD.

BO instance repository

The BO instance repository is a central data repository (i.e. a repository that exists in one instance per user) that saves business objects.

Every app has access to the BO instance repository to read and/or write BOs.

Taxonomy of an app

Each app defines its taxonomy. It describes the app within the context of the process designer.

The taxonomy contains:

  • The name and product ID of the app as reference to the Business AppStore
  • Provider information
  • The type of input BOD
  • The type of output BOD
  • The supported version of the BO model

Testing the app

The app can be deployed in the integration environment to be tested. The integration environment can be found on the developer VM.

Product description

... as described in the software as a service scenario.

Uploading the app

After successful testing, the app can be uploaded to the app repository.