Logata Digital Solutions – specialized in solutions

Innovative, creative and always one step ahead – this is how Logata Digital Solutions GmbH presents itself.

Behind the term “solution” hides a whole world: the precise recording and questioning of a customer task, the development of the best possible response using proven elements and innovative approaches, a customized realization, implementation and long-term support. A solution always consists of many different elements – and Logata Digital Solutions GmbH stands out for their ability to offer, combine and bring together all of those services.

With that, we belong to the leading medium-sized IT specialists of our sector. This is thanks to the experience and know-how, the creativity, the desire for innovation and thanks to the personal commitment of every employee of the Logata Digital Solutions team. Together we will also find the perfect solution for most complex tasks. A solution that facilitates, simplifies and accelerates the work of our customers.