Integrate your application with the logistics mall BUS

This article describes how you - as an independent software vendor (ISV) - integrate an existing application (e.g a warehouse management system) into the logistics mall and with other applications by means of the logistics mall BUS.

This scenario is referred to as "application integration szenario". See Integration scenarios for an overview

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For integrating an application this application has to fulfill certain prerequisites:

  1. The application is an user or service application
  2. The application runs logistics mall hosted or cloud hosted
  3. The application is already integrated in the logistics mall, see software-as-a-service scenario

Integration at a quick glance

This scenario ist build on top of the software-as-a-service scenario. All tasks of this scenario have to be done first.

The integration taks are:

  1. Describe the use case of the integration
  2. Implement receive BOD interface(s)
  3. Implement transfer BOD interface(s)

use case of the integration

Each application must define which kind of message it wants to receive and which kind of message it may send to another application.

An example use case describing how to connect an ERP system and a WMS system within the logistics mall can be found at our community section.

Receive BOD interface

Message in the context of the logistics mall is a business object document, i.e. a XML or JSON formatted data structure representating a business object (e.g. item master, shipment, invoice, ...).  Business object documents are exchanged between applications using REST web services.

For detailed information about business objects and business object documents please refer to our community section.

For each type of BOD the application wants to receive the application implements a REST web service. The port specification is denoted as

void : <http_url> ( parameter)


http_url: the http url which points to the REST service end point, e.g.


parameter: BOD<Verb,Type> a BOD with given verb PROCESS and BO type. The parameter is commited as POST request.


Transfer BOD interface

For each type of BOD the application wants to send the application calls a web service, that is defined as described above and that is provided by the logistics mall bus.

The logistics mall bus is responsible for routing the BODs between the applications.